Cloak & Cuddle® - Signature Chambray

Cloak & Cuddle®  is the first fashionable and full coverage nursing cover that allows you to freely and fabulously nurse your baby.  


The cape-inspired design is a classic fashion statement that is always on trend and oh-so-forgiving for our postpartum mamas.  With 6 key features (shown below), this patent-pending design makes it versatile enough for all of mom's needs:  * Wear it to Nurse * Wear it to Pump * Just Wear It * 


COLOR:   In timeless chambray, it matches with everything!
SIZE:         We've designed the Cloak & Cuddle® to be One-Size-Fits-All, so every woman can                          look and feel their best.
FABRIC:   In lightweight, breathable, 100% cotton, Cloak & Cuddle® is safe and comfortable for                    baby to nurse underneath, and even safe enough to burp your baby after nursing! 



Cloak & Cuddle - fabulous, full coverage nursing cape in timeless chambray
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To support breastfeeding initiatives in developing countries, a portion of all Cloak & Cuddle proceeds will go to UNICEF.  UNICEF is an international charity that has been providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in 190 countries and territories for the last 70 years.  To learn more about Cloak & Cuddle's mission, click here.


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"I really love it, especially when traveling.  It saved me on my trip - I used it everywhere I went."

~ Jessica C.


"This cover is amazing!  I'm literally nursing my son on the sofa and telling the movers where to put stuff."

~ Miral S.


"I so needed this.  I wish this existed for my first baby.  Now I can finally nurse in public."

~ Stacey