Top 10 Reasons to Breastfeed

We know all the books tout the many benefits of breastfeeding, but we thought we'd share our curated list for like-minded mamas:



  1. Proves that all your baby really needs is you - you being present, holding, loving, and nourishing your child
  2. Provides the best workout you can get lying in bed - that's right, you will literally melt away those pounds
  3. Makes babies smarter - and let's face it, the smarter you are, the easier life is 
  4. Means not washing bottles - you are washing EVERYTHING, but not bottles! #smallwins
  5. Truly is the best medicine - protecting your child from disease and allergies proactively 
  6. Postpones your period - you are dealing with so much right now, let's not bring back Aunt Flo just yet
  7. Means a lighter diaper bag - no need to carry cooler bags and milk because your body does it all
  8. Gives you a much needed pause in life - letting you sit for a moment and gaze at your beautiful child 
  9. Doesn't cost a fortune - you're an Amazon-o-holic purchasing everything you need for your baby, but not formula!
  10. Promotes bonding - your child will literally look at you like the goddess you are!

Thanks for making Cloak & Cuddle® part of your journey as you cloak yourself in style & cuddle your child with love.

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