Congrats, Mama!

 If you're here, you must have just had a baby! Well, we just want to say A MILLION CONGRATULATIONS!


We know how truly amazing and challenging this time is, so give yourself a serious round of applause.  Aren't you shocked you don't get this treatment when you've given birth?  Sure, you get flowers and cards AFTER, but at the moment you've just given birth - however it is you gave birth - you should get a standing ovation with wild clapping.  


Seriously, in some cases, you went to great lengths to get pregnant.  Then, you carried this child for 9 months.  Finally, you gave birth through hours of pushing, or major surgery, or in tough cases, both.  They should throw you a parade.  They should fill your house with fresh flowers daily.  They should celebrate you.  


We know they don't.  But we do.  We celebrate you.  Fellow mothers everywhere salute you.  


And now we hear you're also giving breastfeeding a shot?  You are awesome.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  


Thanks for making Cloak & Cuddle® part of your journey as you cloak yourself in style & cuddle your child with love.




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